Saturday Yoga with Brenda Mailer

Oct 15 2016

As a part of Serenity Saturdays, we bring you a morning Karma Yoga class, where donations will go to the St Margarets Bay Food Bank!

Brenda Mailer is a Certified Yoga Instructor and Certified Life Coach. She is dedicated to guiding people to see their wholeness. Through uniting our mind, body, breath, and spirit, she believes we can connect to our true self and live from this sacred place. Her yoga classes take participants through a gentle yoga sequence and meditation to become more aware of their breath and body, while mindfully observing their inner presence. You can learn more about Brenda by visiting 

Space is limited, so please call the clinic (902) 820-3443 or email us to reserve your spot!

Time: 10:00 am

Location: Cornerstone Multi Purpose Room

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