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Events from 2015

  • Dec 10 2015

    Dodging the Common Cold

    “Dodging The Common Cold” by Dr Colin MacLeod

    Mariposa Natural Market & Cafe, Upper Tantallon. Dec. 10th at 7:00pm

    The Common Cold is a tiresome rite of passage that many of us take every year, and some of us several times per year. The key to avoiding this infectious test-of-patience is to fortify our immune system so that we can keep this invader out in the first place. Dr. MacLeod will discuss some handy tips to fortify our defenses as well as some offensive cold-fighting strategies. Questions are welcome.

  • Dec 10 2015

    Fox Point Events - Dr Jillian

    Join Dr Jillian Cole for a talk at Fox Point Community Center!

    More event info to come!

  • Dec 09 2015

    Maximizing Energy, Minimizing Fatigue

    “Maximizing Energy, Minimizing Fatigue” by Dr Colin MacLeod

    Alderney Gate Library, Dartmouth. Dec. 9th at 12:00pm

    Having good energy is all about balance. Lifestyle, nutrition, stress and mental health all need to be balanced to maintain good health and energy. In this presentation we will discuss how to tip the scales in favour of balance. Questions are welcome!

  • Dec 03 2015

    Stress Prevention and Management

    “Stress Prevention And Management” by Dr Colin MacLeod

    Dartmouth North Public Library, Dartmouth. Dec. 3rd at 11:00am

    Stress is a common problem in our society. Although a small amount of stress is healthy and helps to keep us motivated and sharp, excessive stress degrades our immune response, contributes to anxiety, depression and decreases quality of life in general. Causes of stress and even our perceptions of stress are unique and individual. In this presentation we will discuss all of these factors and more. Questions are welcome!

  • Nov 12 2015

    7 Common Nutrient Deficiencies

    “7 Common Nutrient Deficiencies” by Dr Colin MacLeod

    Fox Point Community Centre, Hubbards. Nov. 12th at 7:00pm

    We will discuss the role of nutrients in health, including the 7 nutrients which people are most commonly deficient in, how to avoid becoming deficient, and how to fix deficiencies once they occur. Examples and cases will be discussed and questions are welcome!

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