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Category: Research

  • Dr. Ashley Margeson

    Are your hormones out of whack?

    Bloating, cramps, mood swings, hair loss (or growth), low sex drive, miscarriages and extreme fatigue - these symptoms could be a sign that your hormones simply aren’t supporting your health needs as best they could.

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  • Julie Bohémier

    Post-partum hair loss: a PRP case study

    It’s being talked about widely – PRP is leading the way in hair regrowth treatment, and involves the body’s platelets being put to work to regenerate stem cells in the hair follicle, and to stimulate regrowth.

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  • Dr. Ben Connolly

    Biofilms and chronic illness

    You may or may not know someone who suffers from chronic illness or medical conditions, but far too few of us are aware of biofilms - what they are, how they impact us, and how they can be treated.

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