Beth Rogers

Patient Care Coordinator

Owner and facilitator of a private Montessori school for two decades, Beth retired from a career in teaching and entrepreneurship to explore her interest in health, wellness, and holistic nutrition with Cornerstone Naturopathic. A resident of Kona, Hawaii for many years, Beth met her partner and started her family in the Aloha state – a paradise they revisit often. An adventurer by nature, Beth has explored much of the globe and is currently involved in coordinating cross- cultural volunteer and leadership trips, feeding her passion to travel, educate, share and inspire.

An advocate for plant-based diets and animal welfare, as well as a vegetarian herself, Beth enjoys sharing and experimenting with healthy recipes; her culinary expertise is matched by her talent for making home-made skincare and cleaning products – all pursuits that circle back to her innate desire to empower people with the tools they need to optimize their health.  It’s for this very reason that Cornerstone’s patients seek her out during each visit.

As her children prepare to leave the nest, Beth is strategically downsizing and building a passive, solar home as part of a committed effort to reduce her eco-footprint. A participant in Cornerstone’s FitNut program and ever-active in her daily endeavors, Beth’s activities include hiking, canoeing, gardening, and more. In tandem with her community-oriented focus and keen interest in bringing people together, Beth is often at the forefront of running workshops and organizing events at Cornerstone, leveraging her experience to improve the lives of all who meet with her.

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